Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debby's Challenge

There is a challenge in blogland at the moment and I have been tagged!

The challenge is to go to your My Pictures folder, select the 6th folder and then the 6th photo within that folder. You are then to post that photo on your blog and give the story behind it.

This is the photo:

Yes, that is me, belly dancing! Not much of a story really - this was our end of year "dance". I really enjoyed belly dancing but haven't been able to keep it up since we moved as there is no teacher here. By the way, the top I am wearing was hand-beaded by me! Pretty clever aren't I! It took ages and I haven't done any more beadwork like it since.

I am supposed to pass this challenge on to 6 other people:

1. Nerine

2. Mel

3. Karen

4. Natasha

and there I run out of people I know in blogland who haven't already participated so 4 it will have to be.


Natasha said...

Watch my space!!! BTW, I think Nancy Nyberg was teaching belly dancing at some stage up here...

Debby said...

What a great pic! I always wanted to belly dance. I can't get a close up of your top but it looks beautiful from here. Have a great day!

Ali said...

Hi Sharon,
I love the belly dancing photo! Clever you beading that top it must have taken a lot of patience!
I love your latest cards and gift bag, very pretty.
I am off to check my 6th photo now just in case I get tagged by anyone!
Take care,

Janet said...

cool pic!! love that you beaded the top!!!

KarenR said...

you look awesome as a belly dancer I used to tap dance with a belly dancer teacher & I was blown away by how she did it - my 6th folder is very boring but will be back with the story